20 Litre Beer Box


Pick the beer of your choice from the list below.

Ad Astra Pale Ale 3.7% ABV – A crisp and invigorating brew that balances the bold tropical fruit tones derived from the Citra hops used, with a delightfully hop-forward finish
Aquila Chestnut Brown Ale 4.0 ABV – Dark chestnut brown colour with nutty and biscuity notes
Autumnus Dark Amber 4.5 ABV – Caramel forward and malty with notes of toffee, biscuit and nuttiness
Claudius IPA 4.5 ABV – Traditional and malty with a bittered edge crisp and dry
Senate Gold – golden ale 4.1 ABV – A smooth and well balanced easy going golden session ale
Christmas Pudding Stout 4.8 ABV – Dark and warming with notes of toffee & nuttiness infused with an aroma and subtle after taste of rum and raisin on the finish

Please note that the beer should be consumed within 5 days.


Ad Astra Pale Ale, Aquila, Autumnus, Claudius IPA, Senate Gold, Christmas Pudding Stout


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