Lupulus Beer Spirit 40% 35cl


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A fabulous ‘beer’ spirit distilled from a blend of Boudicca Black IPA and Pantheon EPA by our friends at Wharf Distillery in Potterspury, Northants.

Lupulus tastes a lot like a whisky as it’s made in a similar way with malted barley. What makes it different though is that we use the full hopped beer so you get bags of maltiness from the barley and then those wonderful hop aromas and citrus flavours. This hasn’t been in wood so Wharf have triple distilled it to make it incredibly light, and soft on the palate.

Can be savoured neat in the classic whisky fashion, sipped over ice with or without a good ginger ale, or great in a variety of cocktails. Our favourite… a good “Old Fashioned”, cheers.

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